Agadez crosses

Agadez cross on a touareg leather box

About 22 Agadez crosses exist, each symbolizing one of the Tuareg main cities of Niger and mali, the most famous being the city of Agadez in Niger.

The Agadez cross might originate from the cross of life, the Egyptian Ankh, or more recently, the Christian cross. But those Agadez crosses with four arms, which are also named as the "southern cross" could also symbolize the four cardinal points for a nomadic people of travelers.

Agadez crosses are created by Tuareg jewelers in a very traditional way using the lost wax technique. They first create a wax form, placed in a mold of clay. Silver is melted on coal embers, and poured into the mold, which removes the wax through vents prepared for this purpose. The Agadez cross is then trimmed and polished at length till it acquires its bright shine. Inserts of wood, usually ebony, or semi-precious stones, are sometimes embedded in the cross by Tuareg jewelers. Each cross is a very unique creation.

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